Sunday, July 27, 2008

More house guests!

Tuesday and Wednesday, we hosted two brothers -- a one-year-old and a 2.5-year-old. Everyone loves Alan, it seems.

(Don't tell the 2.5-year-old that the cellphone he's holding doesn't work, and even when it did, it couldn't take pictures.)

The piano is always a big hit with visiting kids (and Cooper):

And on Thursday, Lady K showed up.
She's 14-months old and will be with us for a bit, maybe as short as a month before she's reunited with her folks. (But you never know in the foster care business.)

She too likes to play with Alan and Cooper.

This was just after they'd come home from swimming and changed into dry diapers. Cooper's looking at his new friend accusatorially because right before I snapped this picture, Lady K whacked him in the head (I'm sure it was an accident!) with that ball-thing.


Anonymous said...

Very, very cute little kids! Looks like fun!
Aunt Jill

Anonymous said...

Tim and Joe probably have 50 of the Thomas cars. I'll be happy to mail them to you. Tim was obsessed with them for 6 months to a year. Sir Top-in-Hat runs the worlds most unsafe railroad, yet remains a captain of industry. Good lesson for Cooper.