Monday, October 29, 2007

Snappy dresser!

Overalls are always a favorite in this house.

Our neighbors back in Tuscola had a little boy about 10 months older than Cooper. So whenever they would have garage sales, I'd be first in line to pick up boy clothes. This outfit (it's a one-piece, just in case you were wondering) was free -- the boy's dad would never let him wear it, so we got it. It's a bit dandy-looking, I think. But still cute!

This outfit, on the other hand, is the way to dress up for a little boy. Super cute khakis, button up shirt, and sweater vest. Love it!

And this outfit isn't particularly special--in fact, several people thought he was a girl on the day he wore this--but I did want you to see Coop standing. True, he's holding on and also leaning, but still, he's up! Hurray!

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Anonymous said...

Coop looks like he's ready pull tree stumps out with his Chevy in those overalls!