Monday, October 08, 2007

Firsts of many

First drink from a sippy cup (It actually didn't go as well as this photo makes it seem. I'm not sure he got any liquid out of the cup this time around...)

This is much better -- first Diet Dr. Pepper!
I'm not sure if you've noticed in the last several posts, but Coop no longer has the long wispy hairs that hung down by his ears. I unceremoniously snipped them off with the kitchen scissors. Not a great "first hair cut," so I'm not really counting it. But I did save the little curls I cut off to put in his baby book.

See the light brown circle about two inches above Coop's belly button. Yup. It's Cooper's first bruise. He face-planted forward from a sitting position and landed on a block. The triangle-shaped block, and not the circle block, of course.

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