Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hernia Surgery

Over spring break, Coop had surgery to repair a hernia (he had the same surgery on the opposite of his body two years ago, so we knew a bit what to expect).  Here was his face after drinking "happy juice" in preparation to go back to surgery.

He insisted on wearing the mask, which caused the nurses to mistake him for the surgeon.  Luckily, he's watched MASH, so he knew some surgery words to say.

The surgeon came out after the procedure was over and told us it went well.  Except, she said, they had a little trouble starting the anesthesia.  "Oh really?  What happened?"  Apparently, Cooper wouldn't stop talking and asking questions about all of the things and people in the room.  Heh.

Coming out of anesthesia...

Coop and I spent the next four days at home, watching movies, playing board games, assembling lego creations.  He handled the recover like a champ!

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