Thursday, February 23, 2017


For Coop's and Alan's birthdays, we had photos taken at Shawnee Mission Park.  It was one of those 70-degree February days.  Lovely!

Coop got this snake poster for his birthday.  We had it framed and hung it up in his room:

Speaking of snakes, we gave ours a bath.  She's been having trouble shedding, and the pet store worker said that getting her wet would help.  It did, and she didn't hate it as much as we thought she might!

Speaking of pets, Coop's fish died and we gave away the hermit crabs.  Instead, we bought a leopard gecko!

Super cute!  We haven't quite settled on a name yet, but Klinger (from MASH) is the lead contender.

 The assistant teacher in Coop's classroom drew this picture of him on his birthday.  It's fabulous, so I had it framed!

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