Friday, July 29, 2016

Cousins Camp -- turtle race

The Sterling 4th of July festivities include a box turtle race.  Although Coop and I saw a snapping turtle on the drive to Lyons, those aren't allowed in the race.  Luckily, a local Sterling man found one that we could use:

We named him Louie:

Everyone decorates turtles.  Kelly and I (at midnight, and with the help of a little wine) decided to decorate Louis as the house from the movie Up (complete with balloons):

It was a bit windy that day, so we ended up with just one balloon (and it fell off after the first race anyway):

At the start of each race, turtles are place in the center ring:

Someone lifts the ring and the turtles all race to the outer edge of the circle (though they don't exactly know that, I don't think... at least Louis didn't):

He didn't win any race, but we had fun!

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Heebasaur said...

I'm working on the "turtle racing" article on Wikipedia, and was wondering if I could get permission to use your photos to illustrate it? Credit can be given if you provide your name. The photos would be uploaded under a Creative Commons license.