Thursday, February 25, 2016

Running Away

This may be one of those posts I have to delete once Coop is internet-savvy enough to find the blog.  But a few weekends ago, he was convinced that he wanted to run away.  Unfortunately for him, it was 20 degrees outside that evening (with a wind chill of 9), so that didn't seem like a wise plan.

Nonetheless, here was his running away outfit:

In his "hobo bags," he had packed the following treasures:
 Costa Rican money (so he'll be set once he makes it that far south), cheese slices and a wooden cage to catch mice (to sell to pet stores for money), and a bunch of things to keep him entertained and to entertain others.

The note he left me Sunday morning:

Thankfully, he settled for walking by himself to Alan's house (about a mile away) once the weather warmed up to 50 degrees.

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