Thursday, February 19, 2015

Birthday, part 3 -- some of the loot!

Coop's friends and family know and love him well.  Many, many Star Wars and legos gifts. 

Stuffed Yoda that he slept with:

Some Star Wars lego project:

Some completed Star Wars lego project:

And then Coop's grandparents gave him cash.  Which he combined with all the money in his safe to buy this critter:

It's a female pinstripe ball python.  She'll live 20-30 years and eventually get up to five feet long.  Gulp.

We got her cage all set up in Coop's room:

And Coop named her Jenny, which is short for General Grievous, one of his favorite Star Wars characters.  (And we cleared it with his cousin Jenny, so she'd be ok sharing her name with a snake.)

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