Thursday, January 23, 2014

Getting in the Christmas spirit

Our friend Eleanor came over, and Coop got in full Santa mode:
With his bag of presents for everyone:

 Coop's letter to Santa (he asked for a big lego monstronsity, which, as you'll see in later posts, Santa delivered!):

Seeing Santa at the Baldwin City parade (in about 12 degree weather):

Coop and I took a train ride with Santa (and a ton of other kiddos)!

They served sugar cookies and hot chocolate, we sang Christmas carols, and a local teacher went from car-to-car telling Christmas stories.

We sat with a sweet 7-year-old girl named Esther:

And when it was our turn to go see Santa and Mrs. Claus, everyone assumed Coop and Esther were together (so help me remember in 20 years when we dig out this picture who the little girl is!):

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