Thursday, February 16, 2012

More school projects

Coop's been pretty obsessed with the Titanic for a while.  He came home from school with this drawing for his "t" page:

And then brought home this one the following day:

Coop made this frog by punching out each piece with a thumb tack, gluing them together, and labeling everything:

Lately, he's been talking a lot about volcanoes.  This was one of his before-bed projects that he taped to his bedroom door:

And some drawings from school:

He and I spent a couple of afternoons making valentines for all (24!!) of his classmates:
I bribed him with Smarties.

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Thomas said...

May be bad of me, but I'm digging the Titanic sinking picture...that's pretty awesome. And cursive already!? Is that a cursive "t"? If so, very impressive...nice stuff