Monday, October 03, 2011

Our annual trip to the Ren Fest

Coop, Alan, and I headed to Bonner Springs this past Saturday for the KC Ren Fest.  This year, we stumbled into the children's play area, which included this fabulous pirate ship playground thing.
That's Coop, standing at the front (bow? port?  who knows...) with the pirate spyglass he made out of a toilet paper tube and some cellophane.

There was also a station where you could make a magic wand with feathers and glitter and beads.  And then you had to go to the wizard to get it tested.
Coop's got the magic!

Alan and Coop (and a couple of strangers) rode the elephant.  It's always a toss-up between the elephant and the camel.  This year, the elephant won out.

Quick stop at Ye Olde McDonald's for some ice cream before heading home for a nap.


Thomas said...

How cool was that elephant ride? Awesome pictures here. Love the pirate ship and the Coop "surveying" the high seas looking for treasure!

Karen said...

Ooh, we totally need to go to Ren Fest next year! (We've already taught Zooey to do the proper pirate "Arrrrrr" vocalization, complete with the accompanying arm gesture). Cooper looks like a natural pirate king, too, up there scouting the horizon for the rascally Captain Barbossa!