Thursday, April 14, 2011


On one trip to York, our guests were visiting the big cathedral in town.  I didn't figure Coop would be too interested, so he and I made a special trip to a paint-your-own-pottery shop.

Cooper chose a train for his project:
He was having fun, I swear.  He was just concentrating.  It's tough to paint small areas when your fine motor control is still developing!

I also asked him to do a square tile for me; I requested a picture of me. 
We had to leave the pieces for a week so the shop could fire them in a kiln (or bake them in a big oven, as the lady told Cooper).  And he could not stop talking about that train.  He was so excited to take Daddy to the ceramics store to show him the steam engine he painted and take it home.

At last!

Both pieces (recognize me?):

The train was immediately initiated into Cooper's train collection, and it got its own parking spot at the train station on our floor:

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