Monday, May 24, 2010


About two hours before we were supposed to leave for music class, I remember that we were supposed to make an animal mask to take to class.  Luckily, I had just come home with a bag of pipe cleaners, so Coop and I put together a lovely lion mask.
And a mask (of something?) for Bear.

Last night, Cooper insisted that he wanted a crown so he could be king.  Um... ok.
A little notebook paper, scissors, and some scotch tape, and King Cooper was appropriately attired.

And speaking of attire, Cooper when to daycare one day wearing this:
That would be a swim shirt and his swimming trunks -- he's ready for summer.  And he's accessorizing with a necklace that actually is a macrame wall hanging that says EMILY.

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Anonymous said...

Nice look! At least he didn't wear the boots!
Aunt Jill