Thursday, February 25, 2010

More fun...

Playing a matching game (and winning apparently, given his smile):

Setting up tunnels for the trains, and using a flashlight to guide the train through:

My friend Tracy came over with her girls.  Hannah was born the same day as Coop (within an hour and a half, I think).  They were watching a dvd in my room, but apparently got bored: 

A package?  For me??

What's in it?

Oh my goodness!  Books!!


William Lee Sims said...

I swear! Hannah and her crazy hair!

Anonymous said...

I haven't figured out what age kids get tired of jumping on the bed yet. Hasn't happened yet.


Anonymous said...

"Oh my goodness! Books!" attaboy, Cooper. A man after my own heart.
Love, Aunt Anita