Monday, December 14, 2009

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

A friend at the law school had two tickets to a men's basketball game a couple of weeks ago. I took Cooper, who actually couldn't care a lick about basketball. But he's pretty cute anyway.

We had really great seats, and we were right near one of the student cheering sections, which gave Cooper something to watch. (As mentioned, he didn't have any interest in what was actually going on down on the court.) But he liked the arms-up-in-the-air-for-a-freethrow.

I'm sure we almost got kicked out of the game, but we spent a little time reading:

And Coop loved the big pretzel:
One highlight was a yellow (not red!) fire hydrant on the way back to the car. Cooper wanted a picture so we could show Daddy.
The next morning, the only thing Coop remembered was the trumpets in the pep band and the police officers directing traffic with whistles and flashlights.

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The Kane Family said...

I do enjoy KU basketball...but I can dig that he's into the band scene..