Monday, October 26, 2009

Possible professions

After a visit to Dr. Chris, our family dentist:

After an afternoon watching the high school marching band competition:

(Snare drum above, bass drum below. And again with no pants.)

Washing the windows:(If he pays us an extra $5, we let him whitewash our fence, too.)

A nanny?

Either these photos mean our kid has many talents and can be any number of things. Or it means he's easily influenced by whatever he saw last. Let's try to keep him away from watching America's Most Wanted, ok?


Alan said...

I'm disappointed there are no photos of him changing your diaper, Emily. Seems like geriatric care might be the wave of the future...

Anonymous said...

I share Coop's dream of living in a pantless society.


William Lee Sims said...

I saw a great Venn diagram once that had two non-overlapping circles. The first was labeled "Times I wore pants." The other: "Times I was truly happy."

The Hudson-Vadnais' said...

Love these. We are also a "pants optional" household.