Monday, June 01, 2009


Cooper got a fabulous new big-boy summer haircut -- Miss Martha used the clippers on the back and sides!

And he got an orange sucker too!

And then this was Alan's new summer toy:
A bee hive!!
Alan's family had bees when we was growing up, and he's been itching to give it a try again. So we found a nearby beekeeper (or apiary, as Alan just informed me, in a slightly haughty tone) to bring us a hive, a queen (whom I've named Cleo), and 25,000 of her favorite servants (they should increase to 60,000 shortly -- yikes).

My current bedtime reading:

And the youngest beekeeper-in-training.
(Right after I took this picture, I ran to the house and googled "how to treat bee stings in young children." Fingers crossed we won't need that for a while...)


Anonymous said...

Looks like you got some sweet beekeeping hats too. Do those have a special name?

I'm looking into getting a worm farm.


The Hudson-Vadnais' said...

Very sharp haircut! Maybe someday Gus will have enough hair for one of those ;)

The beekeeping is super cool. I will live vicariously, as I have a fatal bee allergy. If I didn't, I would be seriously into this. I hope you provide updates!

(and what a cool thing for Cooper to learn about in his own backyard--just like Dad)

Karen said...

Cooper definitely looks grown up with his new haircut. Nice! Also, I'm very impressed with this whole beekeeping thing. Are you using a Langstroth hive, a top frame hive, or a fixed frame hive? (Thanks, Wikipedia!) :D