Thursday, November 13, 2008

Renaissance Festival

Back in October, Cooper and I joined the Lynch family for a trip to the Renaissance Festival in Kansas City. It's a giant fair devoted to the time when Lords and Ladies ruled the land and people regularly held jousts. Many people dressed in period costume. It's a fun place to just walk around and watch people, if nothing else.

But the kids seemed to like Ye Olde Petting Zoo.

Cooper and I sat and watched the elephant giving people rides. We waved to the elephant every time she walked by. And so we decided to pay $4 (a person!) and give it a go ourselves.

Can you see Cooper's face? Try this one:He was none too pleased.

Parker, on the other hand, loved it!
The boys in a Yard of Bones.

About 5 minutes after we got in the car and headed for home:

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like a nap in the backseat to make the ride home a little more pleasant....for everyone.