Sunday, June 01, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Cooper knows the word "bottle," and it's not because he drinks out of one. It's because I do.

And he knows what to do with a coffee cup too:

In another effort to be like us, Cooper has finally (finally!) started bringing in income for the family. When we were at the art museum on Mother's Day, the museum photographer saw us playing in the grass and he stopped to take a few pictures of Cooper. And then he gave us each a certificate for $1 that we could redeem at the information counter in the museum.
The pictures turned out cute, and Cooper earned $3!

(I think I'm going to frame one of the dollars!)

There's a MasterCard commercial in here somewhere...
A new wardrobe every three months: $300
16 months of diapers: $IDon'tEvenWantToCalculateIt
Enough Cheerios to keep you occupied at any given time: $47.50
Being so cute that the museum photographer takes your picture: Priceless (which I guess in this situation is roughly equal to $3).

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Anonymous said...

What can you get at the gift shop for $3.00? Should have held out for a free t-shirt!