Thursday, April 24, 2008

In no particular order


Since Daylight Saving time, it's still light out when Cooper goes to bed, so I needed to find curtains I could pull shut. I picked these cute denim ones:

But check out the top tabs -- little overall straps! How perfect is that for a kid's room?!

This is Parker's dog Coltrane. He likes Cooper. The feeling is mutual.

And finally, a shortened version of a long-ish story. I read several blogs on a regular basis. Most belong to friends of mine from school or work. Some are written by people I have never met, but they're funny and uplifting and entertaining. The writer of one of those blogs, BooMama, went to Uganda recently with Compassion (one of those organizations where you can sponsor kids in other parts of the world). She has some amazing stories about the trip.

If you click on this fancy picture:


you'll end up at BooMama's latest post which explains Compassion's Bite-Back campaign, just in case you have a spare $10 and were looking for a way to celebrate World Malaria Day (Friday the 25th).

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I bought a mosquito net!
Aunt Jill