Monday, March 10, 2008

You will NOT believe this!

We have a friend named Donna. Everytime Donna sees Cooper, she says, "Don't you think he looks more and more like Alan?" And I have to reply "No, Donna. He doesn't look a thing like Alan. I question his paternity, frankly."

And then the next time she comes over, she'll say "Oh, this picture looks just like Alan, don't you see it?" And again I say "No, Donna. No one but you thinks he looks like Alan. Not even Alan's family is making a claim to him."

Oh my stars, I may be wrong.

We celebrated Alan's birthday (*cough*41*cough*) this weekend with his family, and Alan's mom gave us some pictures from Alan's childhood, including his 1st birthday pictures. And -- wait for it -- he looks just like Cooper. Not the ears, which were a little pointy, even back then. But the round face and little cheeks. Just like my baby.

My favorite part of Alan's childhood photos is that it's always Alan + two little girls dressed alike (his twin sisters). Alan in his Easter suit + two little girls in matching Easter dresses. Alan in his Christmas outfit + two little girls in matching red dresses. It's sweet.

Here are close-ups, just so you can make a better comparison:

Seriously. Isn't that my Coopie's little round face and squishy cheeks??


Anonymous said...

He DOES look like Cooper in those photos. Teehee! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
Aunt Jill

Anonymous said...

Let me know when you want to start comparing Cooper and Alan's high school photos. I've got some good ones.


Linda said...

And I thought Cooper was going to be lucky enough to escape Alan's looks!


Anonymous said...

At last, at last!!! Others see it now!!! I have to tell you, my first reaction was validation, then I had to run and get my picture of Cooper (his 1 yr birthday picture) and compare. Like father, like son!!

Anonymous said...

We'll see if he acts like Alan as a toddler (introducing himself to total strangers, having nightmares about turtles, being a flirt...)

Aunt Julie