Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A conversation about Daddy

"Where's Daddy?"

"Africa? Where's that??"

"Oh man, that's really far away! I miss Daddy!"

"Even exersaucing isn't fun without Daddy."

"Hurry home -- she's dressing me in seersucker."

"And Uncle David is making me nap with a Barbie."

"Mama, do you have an old, funny-looking picture of Daddy to post so he sees it when he checks the website from the Johannesburg airport today on his way home?"
Why yes, Coop. I sure do.

P.S. Happy Anniversary, Honey!


Anonymous said...

Adorable, and so funny!



Unknown said...

A tuxedo shirt under a jean jacket: classy.

Anonymous said...

Look at that amazing hair line on Al. Poor Coop, he'll have to behave during his teens or his mom will black mail him with these photos.